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Our Proven Process

As the world pushes to return to normal and in-person events are safe again, there will be a huge demand for rental spaces. There is, after all, an entire year of meetings, conferences, and celebrations to make up for. We would be thrilled to help turn that momentum into additional revenue for your organization thru our proven, venue management system. 


Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation!

Step 1

First, we conduct an initial assessment to determine:

  • what types events are suitable

  • capacity limits

  • adequate furnishings of tables, chairs, etc.

  • upsell options available: audio/visual, kitchen access, outdoor spaces

  • transportation accessibility: mass transit, parking

  • neighborhood amenities:  food/ catering options, etc.

  • hours of availability for rentals

Step 2

After the initial assessment, we’ll meet to discuss rental options, potential revenue and determine a set of criteria to make sure all rental events align with organization’s mission and public image.


We will also discuss venue rental management options available (from full service turn-key to marketing/booking only).

Step 3

Once your space is contracted with us, we will:

  • create custom house rules and rental guidelines

  • identify insurance requirements

  • take professional photos

  • list on several online space rental platforms as well as our curated list of businesses who are interested in off-site space rentals

Step 4

You sit back and we manage it all from there.

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