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Who is the
Bronx Escape?

The only escape room in The Bronx!

The Bronx Escape concept is the brainchild of 9 local Bronxites, most of whom are small business owners in the Bronx as well.  During the summer of 2023, several members of the E218 Events team were working together (with not enough to do, lol) and starting kicking around ideas of what type of events we should have in the Bronx.  The escape room idea resonated and the team immediately grew to include 6 businesses and a planning/implementation team of 10.

Our inaugural escape rooms were launched in November 2023, originally for only 2 weekends.  The Hip Hop Heist and Studio Session Showdown were so well received, the rooms were extended through the end of the year.

In 2024, we are planning to reopen with different themed escape rooms for the spring, summer and fall seasons. 


We are currently producing an immersive, mystery dinner experience based loosely on the hit series, Bridgerton, for the Valentines Day weekend!

Meet the Team (in alphabetical order):

Damarilee Alvarado - XCLSV Events (

Oscar Alvarado - XCLSV Events (Set & Puzzle Design, Operations, Technology)

Dach Charles - Dashing Events by Dach (Story & Graphic Design, Marketing, Operations)  

Brandy Cochrane - Simply Brandy (Story Design, Marketing, Media)

Michael James​ - eMANcipated Styling (Set Design, Operations)

Mitchel James​ - E218 Events Management (Story/Puzzle Development)

Rhonda James​ - E218 Events Management (Producer, Finance)

Brenda Medina - XCLSV Events (Marketing, Graphic Design)

Raison Rivas - The Andrew Freedman Home (Tech, Facilities)

Ayanna Williams - Uptown Melody/E218 Events Management (Marketing, Administration)


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