Collaboration has always proven to be an effective way to manage during challenging times.  As we watch the world change due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask ourselves how can we support our local economy safely and effectively? 

In the Bronx, we understand the power of working together.  We also know that each community has its own unique energy and that it's up to us to create solutions that ensure the economic health of our neighborhoods.

Today we ask you to join our network!

"If you want to go quickly, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together."

-- African Proverb

E218 Events Management is looking to partner with small businesses, community leaders, and governmental agencies that are interested in working together to launch a popup activation that benefits Bronx communities & supports local Bronx businesses.  The Bronx HEALS is our answer to creating a support network to activate Bronx businesses and community resources.

For The Bronx - By The Bronx is the approach we are employing as we navigate this post COVID-19 reality.  Who better than the people that are on the ground to create solutions that are relevant, timely and meaningful to their communities.

We are looking to redesign the look of in-person Bronx events while sustaining the energy of the borough, meeting the needs of the residents and maintaining the safety.  Our vision is to create various events that allow its members to support local businesses and learn about the resources available to them.


It's simple.

1.  Let us know how you or your organization would like to support this launch.

2.  Share your community's needs with us.

3.  Participate in the planning and execution of this initiative.

4. Tell your network about the events we are producing.

5. Decide to do one or all from the list above.  That's it.



Rhonda James, Senior Event Producer

E218 Event Management

Brandy Cochrane, Creative Strategist & Branding

Entrepreneur Meal Plan

Ayisha Bennett, Event Planner & Designer

Events On Purpose

Ivan Fajardo, Event Planner & Public Relations


Beth Venn, Independent Art Curator & Historian



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