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Our very experienced team loves every step of the event process. 
We manage everything from concept to clean up, including pre-planning, eve-of, day-of, and post event wrap.

Rhonda James, Senior Event Producer

My passion for hosting started when I was about 12.  My first catering and event planning business was launched when I was a tender 18.  A few years, several jobs and a family later I found myself back in the event business, at least for a brief stint. Now, my life is more my own again and the passion still burns in my heart. You know that thing that you could do all day and all night.  That's what I bring to your event.  I love creating amazing experiences for amazing people!!
My 'other' professional career has provided space for me to master the skills to see the big picture while keeping the pulse on all the minor details.  I'm a facilitator of whatever you desire your event to be. My team and I 'put the meat on the bones' of your vision or create intriguing, inspiring ideas for you to consider.
How big can it get? That depends totally on you. I just enjoy the journey to get you there.

Rachael L. James, Public Relations Maven

Having consulted on strategic campaigns for clients across multiple industries, my passion is to develop and maintain relations between the client and the public, simply put… public relations. I introduce brands and companies to the thought-leaders and media publications that drive their message forward.
From brand features to trend commentary, I’ve gotten my clients placed in top business publications, including Bloomberg, USA Today, Associated Press, U.S. News & World ReportThe Washington Post, and The New York Post, lifestyle outlets such as The Knot, BuzzFeed, Essence and Life & Style, and numerous local and trade publications.
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